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About Us

The Women’s Board of Bethesda (WBOB) is composed of 50 active members, along with a strong sustainer membership. The WBOB has played an active role in the life of Bethesda since 1915 with a mission to enrich and improve the lives of the boys at Bethesda Academy, while also working to assist the Executive Director of Bethesda. Through our work with Bethesda’s students, we uphold the principles established for Bethesda by George Whitefield: “Love of God, Love of Learning, and a Strong Work Ethic.”

Throughout the academic year, the WBOB recognizes the Honor Roll students quarterly and sponsors an Annual Essay Contest. In preparation for life after graduation, we hold a Blazer Ceremony every fall, and in conjunction with John B. Rourke Gentlemen’s Clothiers, provide blue blazers, dress shirts, ties, khaki pants, and shoes for every senior. We also decorate the Chapel each Christmas season, purchasing gifts for the students and organizing a game day with fun activities. The WBOB is involved with supporting Athletic events as well as holding an Art Contest for the graphic design of the Homecoming Tee Shirt. Teacher Appreciation is also provided every month to show our teachers how much we value their role in students’ lives and education.

The Women’s Board of Bethesda has become a great partner of Bethesda Academy with our involvement in supporting many financial improvements for the students. To name a few, we provide student scholarships annually and $1,000 to each teacher for curriculum and supplies, along with our many aforementioned student-centered events held yearly. In recent years, we have provided white board technology for classrooms, Media Center updates, fire alarm system in the gym, 2 Athletic buses, HVAC for the gym, water fountains inside the school and gym, and many more.

In order to fulfill these critical projects, the WBOB organizes 2 fundraising events every year: our Annual Christmas Letter Campaign and Annual Yates-Astro Resolution Race 5K Trail Run & Walk. These 2 events support our cause in benefitting Bethesda Academy students. The 11th Resolution Race has become an overwhelming success with the running and walking community looking forward to participating each January. Many say it’s their favorite race of the year!

Thank you for your interest in supporting the students of Bethesda Academy. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us via email at womensboardofbethesda@gmail.com.

The WBOB is a 501 (c) (3)